BLACK VEIL BRIDES - Crimson Skies (Official Music Video)


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We’re waiting for collapse in the cold and
lonely mirror reflections.
all you see of the world, you made on your own with no mercy.
And they call you a liar but you wont surrender.
And they can choose to run with hypocrisy,
it happens every day.

We were born to fight for this,
when all they ever do is pray.
Never see the truth we miss when fear consumes the rage.
We take control (don’t give up,)
When all they know (is corrupt.)
We were born to fight for this and
lead us through Crimson Skies!

The revolution lives in the beat of our heart and
the burning sound of the flames we started in.
Can you hear it now?
Can you feel the hurt?
This silent hate - And they worship a liar but
we wont surrender and
we won’t ever run from the pain you see,
because now we’re free.

We were born to fight for this,
when all they ever do is pray.
Never see the truth we miss when fear consumes the rage.
We take control (don’t give up,)
When all they know (is corrupt,)
We were born to fight for this and
lead us through Crimson Skies!








  • What is the story of Nine and Blackbird?

    Rauta RuusuRauta Ruusu2 часа назад
  • C’mon RUhomers(reactors), do some reactions!!!🤘🏻

    Scubba SteveScubba Steve13 часов назад
  • Im in love with this

    Jassmin blackJassmin black13 часов назад
  • This band got so much better and way more tolerable after Purdy left.

    Nick SimmonsNick Simmons16 часов назад
  • I'm thrilled, the song is great. Andy Bierscak I love you, I will always love you, I am your biggest fan. ✨💭💞💕

    Mirjana BojicMirjana Bojic18 часов назад
  • Not gonna lie this slaps so hard. Its been on repeat. I really hope they play this is in October when I go lol album comes out the night of my show :)

    Curtis WakeCurtis WakeДень назад
  • 0:22 and 1:00 sound like COMPLETELY different songs! This band is just so dynamic! That's just one of many things that make this band an epic one. So creative.

    Nathaniel RayNathaniel RayДень назад
  • I seriously can't tell if this song is Christian or Anti-Christian, Atheist driven. The lyrics could go both ways and where is the best way to get the backstory that I saw in Scarlet cross and Field of Bones??

    GarouLadyGarouLadyДень назад
  • I was rotting for Blackbird:(

    Jenny HayesJenny HayesДень назад
  • i hope black bird isn't really dead.

    Lauren BridgerLauren BridgerДень назад
  • I dont't know you guys, but the storyline looks like a reference from Germany in World War 2: Hitler rising to power (Blackbird climbing stairs and killing Nine), he gains followers and even more power through the national socialist group (scarlet cross guys), but at the end German citizens found out the atrocities they commited and turn their back on him (white shirt guys killing Blackbird and Scarlett Cross followers). Does this make any sense? Or i'm just delusional?

    Nicolas BasualdoNicolas Basualdo2 дня назад
  • you are awesome ❤️🤩

    Joselio DutraJoselio Dutra2 дня назад
  • who remembers the old Crimson Skies video games?

    Tomboy ChanTomboy Chan2 дня назад
  • Esse álbum tem tudo pra ser o melhor de todos

    Leandro OliveiraLeandro Oliveira2 дня назад
  • Melhor música das três já lançada do álbum

    Leandro OliveiraLeandro Oliveira2 дня назад
  • Киллджои на протяжении 4-ех минут убегают от бвб Арми)

    ЛинаЛина3 дня назад
  • Super heavy Testament vibe in the beginning, love it.

    _Kato __Kato _3 дня назад
  • I almost wanted to shed a tear to this, it just brings me some type of nostalgia to mid 2000’s rock

    Erick PerezErick Perez3 дня назад
  • Super Awesome

    Warmonger87Warmonger873 дня назад
  • All they ever do is pray (essa parte da música ficou estranha de ouvir, mais alguem teve essa sensação ?) Mas a música ficou do caralho, mas essa parte ficou estranha .-

    Meu Nome Não É Jooey!Meu Nome Não É Jooey!3 дня назад
  • Exelente cansion

    Victor Gamer juegaVictor Gamer juega3 дня назад
  • Yeeiii🖤🖤🖤

    Susana NctzenSusana Nctzen3 дня назад
  • 💖 so love this song and band

    April LambertApril Lambert4 дня назад
  • best Rock

    AngelAngel4 дня назад
  • sounds pretty generic form of metal. meh

    rand omrand om4 дня назад
  • Can’t wait for the concert!!!!!!!!

    Melody SalazarMelody Salazar4 дня назад
  • Amooooo los he seguido desde el 2014 hasta ahora son mi banda favorita me encanto el video y la musica uffff 1000 sobre 10 me encanto los adoro mis novias de velo negro

    Carla DakotaCarla Dakota4 дня назад
  • funny how they jog

    Rhus DanRhus Dan4 дня назад
  • Johnnie Guilbert where u at brooo? I like seeing Johnnie commenting to Bvb stuff he's awesome❤️🖤

    HeyitsablackcatHeyitsablackcat5 дней назад
  • Holy Shit!!!!they're back!!! This is so good 💥🔥

    Saleo kadenaSaleo kadena5 дней назад
  • Another world of stupid ignorant fools who know nothing about the writing and why it was written this way. Anybody else notice the Hatred brewing for Christianity??? and that hatred being pushed by bands like this. Given the idea that everybody is "Born Differently" and "As they Are" that is the alt. Assumption is it not? like our Standards Expectations Obligations Limitations and Boundaries are imprinted into us the day we are born. like our Understanding Comprehension Awareness and Knowledge are imprinted in us the day we are born. Like Our Interpretation of Reality that gives us ideas and concepts that give us reasons to believe perceive think feel chose desire and decide are imprinted upon us the day we are born. and were all just genetically challenged and confused. That CONFORMITY is the enemy and "Individuality" is so damn free. After all its the same damn car painted in every color under the rainbow, or every damn car so long as its black. My point being this. You can reinvigorate Marylin Manson in a million different ways and you can paint him any color you like and dress him in any fashion or culture.... at the end of the day its still conformity and its still a union of idiots who believe that they are something more than they really are. To me, your all the same quire. Fighting for your individuality (When you need the approval and permission to be accepted by so called individuals to tell you if your doing it right, so they tell you who you are) and you base everything on your feelings, what you happen to FEEL at the time. and you think that those FEELINGS are coming from your HEART and MIND and SOUL, that is if you even believe that you have a soul. You hate Christians (Actually, its the military authoritarians you hate, not the Christians because the last time you ever seen a real Christian was way before the 1950's) So you hate people who claim to be Christians who yell and scream allot with great fear and frustration for lack of a better handle on their reality and greater stance and education on how they can approach a very great and real problem. (You hate them because they have not provided you a better answer and their doctrine does not seem to work.) While you impose a very false doctrine that all we need to do is accept one another as is, open our hearts and minds, and co exist hand in hand with one another because all we need is love. love to you is positive no matter what, unconditional, no matter what, free to do what you want and never be rejected no matter what. However, this is a misconception. Positive and Love can be very redefined when it comes to justification. All negativity can be justified as positivity under the right "Explanations" that are not even true. Like "God created murderers and pedophiles and rapist for a reason to serve a purpose" type of scenario. We have opened up doors and windows to exactly this when we idealize race and culture as a counterfeit against the holly bible. Giving Religious Doctrine a Racial status that stands firmly against the rest of the world. The real reason Christianity "Does not work" Is because of BAD examples that give BAD ideas and concepts, that give BAD reasons to believe perceive think feel chose desire and decide. based on BAD information. Like sin is in our nature and everyone is born a sinner and there is nothing we can do about it because its in the blood and its not that we haven't tried its that we are "Genetically Challenged" and in order to reduce all this pain and suffering of Parents yelling at children and everybody fighting with everyone in unison. We have to come to be more forgiving, understanding, and even accept each other for our sins and encourage each other to just "BE THEMSELVES" and if this were true, why did Jesus say that if you are not more pure than a religious leader than you will not go to heaven. Jesus said that if we are not more pure than a Pherocy than we will not go to heaven. There is more DO WHAT THAL WILT in the Christian Church. There is more SELF INDULGENCE in the Christian Church. There is more Self Exaltation in the Christian Church. There is more SELF PRESERVATION in the Christian Church. There is more SELF EMPOWERMENT in the Christian Church. and there is more SATANISM in the Christian Church than any other time in history through out the earth. and yet you hate Christians you believe to be Christian? Forceful leaders who revile and curse and blaspheme who fornicate and do as they please using scripture as a means to justify their authority and right to tell everybody what they can or can't do or say. Acting as though they were Gods themselves. These are not Christians that you hate. and if you could see what I could see.... You would know that Black Vale Brides is apart of the occult and that this music video is a direct representation of their thoughts on how Christians deserve to be punished for not seeing things their way. Because they claim that a mind that stands against its self and everyone else is more free and loving and kind and beyond... Than Christianity. This is part of a elaborate set up.

    Couter CurseCouter Curse5 дней назад
    • @Couter Curse I never claimed that I don't have my own morals. I merely said that morals are opinions and everyone thinks in their own way. Importance and righteousness only exists in the eye of the beholder. Nothing is truly good or bad in the eyes of the universe. Even if God was real, he's just another entity with his own morals. Creating the universe doesn't mean your opinions aren't subjective.

      TheoryOfBrokenHeartsTheoryOfBrokenHearts3 дня назад
    • And you don't believe that people can take back control. You think people are "dealt" the hand that they've been given for a reason. That every circumstance condition and experience that built their understanding comprehension awareness and knowledge past present and future first hand, second hand, third hand, and beyond, that gave them standards expectations obligations limitations and boundaries that give them preferences to interpret examples that give them ideas and concepts that give them reasons to believe perceive think feel choose desire and decide.... is all their ever going to get.... blindly being manipulated by the hand that they have been dealt with no way out. Just a complete victim of their hand and at the mercy of the dealer is that it???? And you believe that true freedom is falling in love with your strings. Your a sick person if you believe that there is no further logical explanation except people are born that way. You support very sick people.

      Couter CurseCouter Curse3 дня назад
    • @TheoryOfBrokenHearts So what your saying ethics are subject to standards expectations obligations limitations and boundaries that are based on understanding comprehension awareness and knowledge. And that steers your interpretation of examples that give you ideas and concepts that give you reasons to believe perceive think feel chose desire and decide to be the following... A pedophile a rapist a narcissistic liar a school shooter a racist and every other "misunderstood" beautiful creature on the face of the planet who is incapable of being anything other than "themselves" when they need the leftist echo chambers approval and permission to tell them "who they are" because their minds are only free when they are unhinged and everything that they do is justifiable because of past present and future circumstances conditions and experiences... also their deprivation and desperation doesn't have a large part to play in on why their rail roaded. But no... Everyone is who they are on the inside to you.

      Couter CurseCouter Curse4 дня назад
    • What if I told you that whether something is ethically right or wrong is entirely subjective and that nothing objectively matters? that everything just exists to exist, that importance only exists in the eyes of the beholder. Would you believe me?

      TheoryOfBrokenHeartsTheoryOfBrokenHearts4 дня назад
  • Damn I wanted this to groove so bad

    123AJs123AJs6 дней назад
  • I appreciate the time they've been putting into the lore and story of their albums as of late. Wretched and Divine is one of my favorites. And I don't care what anyone thinks! I got a theory that this is like a dystopian past of "Wretched and Divine", then again how much more dystopian can dystopia get... I regress..

    Ire :3Ire :36 дней назад
  • Absolutely love the new song

    Becca FBecca F6 дней назад
  • 228,563

    KatherineKatherine6 дней назад
  • Vans warped tour 2026

    Cody KryptechCody Kryptech6 дней назад
  • The name of this song, and beginning of the lyrics, bro someone been following me.

    bryan A (Akidbyheart)bryan A (Akidbyheart)6 дней назад
  • His voice's so sweet, and the song so deep, wow 😳

    Gabriella OlsenGabriella Olsen6 дней назад
  • Temasooo

    Paskal SánchezPaskal Sánchez6 дней назад
  • Amo:u si me encanta ..temazo :"0 amo su voz aaaa!!!! :v k chido 7w7

    Ani chanAni chan6 дней назад
  • Не зашло. Раньше было лучше, да и клип тут мультяшный(((

    Shadow MordorShadow Mordor7 дней назад
  • I love this so mucb

    Lubna HMLubna HM7 дней назад
  • I like the new song because it has a fresh dark feeling. There are many safe and refreshing songs these days. It may be off the royal road of the music scene, but it requires a lot of personality. Please do your best to make new songs with Julieta.また何か言ったのか 笑 人間らしいですね☺️

    Sayuki SinnouSayuki Sinnou7 дней назад
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    Anthony HollidayAnthony Holliday7 дней назад
  • Amazing song. Can’t wait for the new album released 🔥🔥

    TheZackrevTheZackrev7 дней назад

    Tyler DeesTyler Dees7 дней назад

    The Bloody Gothic WarThe Bloody Gothic War7 дней назад
  • i love this song

    bellota poserbellota poser7 дней назад
  • 🖤🖤🖤

    Aday OlveraAday Olvera7 дней назад
  • Since 2015, my favorite band. And still part of the BVB ARMY. They haven’t let me down, kept me strong and although not the ones who inspired me to love and become a multi instrumentalist, they definitely will never anyone like them. Love them 🖤🤘🏻

    David De Los SantosDavid De Los Santos8 дней назад
  • The nine guy reminds me of corvo attano from dishonored

    FishguinFishguin8 дней назад
  • BVB ✨💖

  • They could actually make some feat with Trivium

    Milan BobokMilan Bobok8 дней назад
  • Gotta love the return of the guitar solo! 🤘

    michael gaspardmichael gaspard8 дней назад
  • Man, I used to give these guys flack when I was younger but this is actually pretty good

    Romero RebeldeRomero Rebelde8 дней назад
  • I don't... hate it, but it just feels so safe. Like it almost feels like they were writing this song just because they needed to put something in an album

    Robert PettengillRobert Pettengill8 дней назад
  • Gabriela Rojas AmadorGabriela Rojas Amador8 дней назад
  • AMOOO!!

    Gabriela Rojas AmadorGabriela Rojas Amador8 дней назад
  • Anyone listen to the words, seems they are knocking CHrist, I may be wrong though. If so not cool. Regardless of the riffs.

    Wesley BlewerWesley Blewer8 дней назад
  • Good black veil brides🤩

    david lopezdavid lopez8 дней назад
  • i’m only five seconds in and OOF that intro is fireeee

    Meme SoldierMeme Soldier8 дней назад
  • This one is a real banger! Friggin love it!

    L. T.L. T.8 дней назад
  • They are singing about fighting Satan’s race. The reptilian locust females.. revelations 9:11. The beginning of the end is coming. The Sons of God are waking from their slumber...(psalm 82) wake up wake up

    MKruge 907MKruge 9078 дней назад
    • @Satanic Bitch Amen to that!

      ArtemystArtemyst7 дней назад
    • Hail satan

      Satanic BitchSatanic Bitch8 дней назад
  • 0:12 Ryuk from death note is you? grateful!!

    Mur MarukaMur Maruka8 дней назад
  • Skadoosh

    ZUPUZUPU8 дней назад
  • Badass Song! Not a huge fan of the vocals, but thats just personal opinion. Great riffs though!

    Brennon MillerBrennon Miller8 дней назад
  • Like a7x 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hendra FebriHendra Febri8 дней назад
  • That might be your meanest riff, good lord.

    dr.pitmee_voccdr.pitmee_vocc8 дней назад
  • Bvb takes me back to 2014. One of my good old days. Used to listen to them since then.

    GOD HANDGOD HAND8 дней назад
  • Gives me unbroken vibes love it

    Caile fordCaile ford8 дней назад
  • Epic Song & Awesome Powerful Voices.Wow.Appreciate It GUYZ.

  • I Have Your All Album CDs, Merch & Hat Too.Worth Buying.

  • 😃😍🙂✌🤘👍👌👏👊❤👋.

  • Something like set the world on fire? 🤔❤️

    d4rk__lightd4rk__light8 дней назад
  • Giving me real Wretched And Divine vibes ngl

    ArtemystArtemyst8 дней назад
  • Always Amazing!!!!!

    Amber MccurdyAmber Mccurdy9 дней назад
  • Damn what a banger

    NanogonNanogon9 дней назад
  • this is should BVB sounds like

    Rabbil ARRabbil AR9 дней назад
  • From The Night to this single you got better and better 🖤 keep doing what you love guys ❤️

    Ann *Ann *9 дней назад
  • I love the song, but I wish the chorus was more heavy/badass. It would fit the rest of the song better. And more screams pls 🖤

    Tina JTina J9 дней назад
  • No puedo parar de escucharlo , santissimo temazo 🔥

    SoyYosuSoyYosu9 дней назад
    • Esta súper cabron

      Giovanni LopezGiovanni Lopez8 дней назад
  • Good jooooob guys!!!!

    Adrian GonzalezAdrian Gonzalez9 дней назад
  • sounds like nightcore but i love it

    LivarniaLivarnia9 дней назад
  • I really like the Blackbird character si interesting and mysterious

  • God blackveilbrides are just getting better n better man

    Ally 123Ally 1239 дней назад
  • …Not their best work.

    Nikki AngelusNikki Angelus9 дней назад

    Exoplanets8Exoplanets89 дней назад
  • Sekalinya muncul langsung sinting begini lu.

    eben haezareben haezar9 дней назад
  • Sonzera demais! hugs from Brazil! 🇧🇷

    Victor GabrielVictor Gabriel9 дней назад
  • Perfect!!!! 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

    Victor GabrielVictor Gabriel9 дней назад
  • This song is bloody incredible!!! The video is awesome!! BVB FOREVER!!!!

    Chloe YemmChloe Yemm9 дней назад
  • ♥️🔥

    SoyYosuSoyYosu9 дней назад
  • Saudade da pegada das músicas antigas...

    Aline MartinsAline Martins9 дней назад
    • @Kleber$$ que bom que tu gostou 😃

      Aline MartinsAline Martins9 дней назад
    • Mais eu gostei .....tá na mesma onda do BMTH Architetcs e ADTR

      Kleber$$Kleber$$9 дней назад
  • I need this album..... N O W.

    J.C MezaJ.C Meza9 дней назад
  • Trash Metal + Glam Melodic Rock = 🤘🤘👍👍

    Ai ShirakamiAi Shirakami9 дней назад
  • I ain't even upset that this album is taking longer for release. This album is gonna be epic

    KitKat WalkerKitKat Walker9 дней назад
  • The screaming solidified this song, it adds a lot to it and the guitar work was beyond greatness.

    Erik Jason (GTS)Erik Jason (GTS)10 дней назад
  • Heisenberg ?

    K. SulemanK. Suleman10 дней назад
  • Black Veil Death Punch

    Roman LamcevRoman Lamcev10 дней назад
  • The riff is so thrashy

    wildcard 360wildcard 36010 дней назад
    • @Satanic Bitch dude I misspelled thrashy so relax

      wildcard 360wildcard 36010 дней назад
    • No One gives a shit

      Satanic BitchSatanic Bitch10 дней назад