BORN OF OSIRIS - White Nile (Guitar Playthrough)


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Careful now
You’ve come too close to know
The where and when
Of your unholy ghost
And even though we are made of dust
A sliver of gold is inside each of us

I am captive high on a daily basis
The amount I can't control the way
I understand your many faces
I lose the sense of what you mean to me

Because I know you are
The one who can save me
With eyes aged along with history
I can't pretend that something else would convey me
To live one day without the thought of you and me

Carry on through the night
It's a mess we’ve made too many times
I spend my days avoiding light
Lose my view of what you mean to me

Careful now
You’ve come too close to know
The where and when
Of your unholy ghost
And even though we are made of dust
A sliver of gold is inside each of us

So put your weight on top of it
Lay into moments that you compliment
Fragile feasting lion
Taking a bite of what he never tasted
Yet he never feared

Sermons of an anchor
It's such a delicate race
I promised my mother
I would end in a righteous place

So put your weight on top of it







  • I love this dudes! I feel some "Textures - dualism" vibes, wich i Dig a Lot. Theres always Joy on hearing this Band.

    Marcus CramusMarcus Cramus5 дней назад
  • A "playthrough" with album audio? What is the point of this?

    KP 2000KP 20008 дней назад
  • полный пиздец ... KOOLLL Парни молодцы!!!

    Игорь КагировИгорь Кагиров10 дней назад
  • Damnit I need this album to be out now. Can't wait another month.

    Colter RasmussenColter Rasmussen10 дней назад
  • Incredible, Lee and Nick.

    DaveDave11 дней назад
    • Thank you 🙏🙏

      Nick RossiNick Rossi10 дней назад
  • Lol dude how is this still a band? And who still listens to melodic deathcore or whatever this even is? Lmao

    Randy VigerRandy Viger13 дней назад
  • So this is what Aliester Black does in his spare time.

    RGT 85RGT 8515 дней назад
    • Well since he got fired from the WWE now he can fully focus on the shreds! Issa Joke Lee, no one compares to you :)

      Jay AliceaJay Alicea15 дней назад
  • 2:22 Jared Dines djent troll

    ichal meongichal meong15 дней назад
  • 2:30

    GravyGravy17 дней назад
  • this is so soothing...I can't wait for the album to be out.

    LimiLimi18 дней назад
  • It would be so cool to have a keyboard playthrough, joe definitely defines a big part of the essence from BOO's sound

    felipe senlerfelipe senler19 дней назад
  • no homo but Lee is so fucking cool.

    ChiefChief20 дней назад
  • \m/

    SAYMSAYM20 дней назад
  • Is that Nick from City in the Sea?

    CJShaftCJShaft21 день назад
    • yes it is

      Nick RossiNick Rossi14 дней назад
  • I'm not a metal head by any stretch of the imagination but this right here is a certified banger! Awesome sttuff!!

    AudiofreqAudiofreq22 дня назад
  • Stupid synth ruins all the strenth of the riffage

    ISHR IvenhISHR Ivenh23 дня назад
  • I could watch this shit all day

    Brandon MelikianBrandon Melikian23 дня назад
  • I see bicep vein, I like

    37H4N37H4N24 дня назад
  • lol ..... there are at least 11 musicians out there who tried to play this song ....failed and voted thumbs down .

  • defintely gonna be one of my favorite set of warmup riffs when i learn em.

    Fourgore0Fourgore024 дня назад
  • Has a LoG vibe to it. I’m digging it! Yes, I am feeling it now!

    PedalboredPedalbored24 дня назад
  • Faaaduuuu!

    Parthiv SaikiaParthiv Saikia25 дней назад
  • Downpicking man!! love that monuments type groove from 2:34-2:51.

    Sam VaipheiSam Vaiphei25 дней назад
    • Sounds like Stevie T's definition of Djent riff, cant unhear it

      BalloonbotBalloonbot20 дней назад
  • You guys have any instrumental albums? This is so catchy And I’m sure no greater than your previous work

    • Lee has his own solo instrumental project called well... Lee Mckinney

      Shawn 23Shawn 2323 дня назад
  • Mmm, yes.

    All the Ramen🍜 on the SkyAll the Ramen🍜 on the Sky25 дней назад
  • beauty

    Wellison FrancoWellison Franco25 дней назад
  • Headbanged to it pretty much the whole time.

    David SoezDavid Soez26 дней назад
  • Lee, Nick, Joe, Ronnie, Cam. Thank you for existing.

    Arush PashennaArush Pashenna26 дней назад
  • Like it ...🎸👍🏼😍

    Tina Miranty Music Channel TVTina Miranty Music Channel TV26 дней назад
  • can we talk about how nicks camera angle was NOT conducive for a guitar playthrough? fuck outta herrrrre

    Creampie FMICreampie FMI26 дней назад
  • Quad Cortex tone? Sounds amazing guys

    Kyle Anthony MusicKyle Anthony Music26 дней назад
  • Cannot get enough of that main riff! Damnit, why did they have to write that! 🤣🤣🤣

    The KeyThe Key26 дней назад
  • city in the sea ?

    Kirk hammettKirk hammett26 дней назад
  • So my cover wasn't so off😁😁😁

    Nima MoraadNima Moraad26 дней назад
  • Waiting for your new album eagerly

    Metalifan metaMetalifan meta26 дней назад
  • Gods of egypt

    Ibnu JakariaIbnu Jakaria26 дней назад
  • I'm jsut going to say one thing. Guitar's with more than 6 string are over exagerated. If they can do thgis with 6 strings i can fcking make ukelele meta. Now i can try to learn the song XD

    CuteDemonUrgotCuteDemonUrgot27 дней назад
  • That was super nasty Disgusting sick bad ass Love BOO!! Great band

    Ben SpudichBen Spudich27 дней назад
  • Lee is totally in the zone. I love how it brings in the infinite mind vibes in the solo. And the two different guitar tones are perfect together.

    Of Beards & DjentOf Beards & Djent27 дней назад
  • everybody wants to be Tim Henson, even other professional endorsed players

    losing doglosing dog27 дней назад
  • The Antarctica ProjectThe Antarctica Project27 дней назад
  • This song is so good holy fuck

    LegendofAltairLegendofAltair27 дней назад
  • So damn good! Love this new direction and tbh I prefer this version sans vocals

    Jason YL TanJason YL Tan27 дней назад
  • Nick Rossi is a perfect fit for them

    C ManC Man27 дней назад
  • 🖤🖤🖤

    Emess RalteEmess Ralte27 дней назад
  • Epic playthrough, loving the new material!

    WalkerFilmsWalkerFilms27 дней назад
  • Sweet Jesus this is an anthem, I could meditate to this all day 🙏🏻🤘🏿

    IrnMindIrnMind27 дней назад
  • Just plain badassery here…

    Anthony HeastrupAnthony Heastrup27 дней назад
  • Sick video. Just want to throw out there that the first guitar playthrough I ever watched was Scarred by City in the Sea. Still keepin it real Nick!!!

    SRP CraigSRP Craig27 дней назад
  • Really epic riffs i try to play them in rocksmith so fun. They are the best deathcore in this day for me, the band still rockin hard! they still got it Suicide silence changed vocalist because Mitch's death is not the same... (tehee xD) and sounds more like this art is murder Veil of maya make some clean voices that is lookin more metalcore... Chelsea grin changed vocalist and well still heavy but no album since 6 years ago (only 4 singles since 6 years...) BMTH well... goes too soft, from deathcore to metalcore.... well some bands like The devil wears prada, Whitechapel, After the burial, Thy art is murder, Rings of saturn or Carnifex, still make good content, but Born of Osiris take it to next level for me, innovate in every song and write better and creative music in every album so yes, for me they are the best technical deathcore band ever. ¡keep it up guys!

    3D-SBS BEST X-TREME HD videos3D-SBS BEST X-TREME HD videos28 дней назад
  • I WANTED TO SEE THE KIESELS IN FULL COLOR but still sick video

    DaddyFatherDadDaddyFatherDad28 дней назад
  • ❤️

    Joel LeeJoel Lee28 дней назад
  • Amazing guitar players! This song is so tastefully done too. Seen them live once not really knowing their songs and they blew me away

    Jason GreenJason Green28 дней назад
  • This song is so fucking good.

    FuzkerenFuzkeren28 дней назад
  • Downpicking

    Sidus PostRockSidus PostRock28 дней назад
  • Rock lee use akik stone ring

    For FionaFor Fiona28 дней назад
  • You're my boy Lee!! 🤘🕶️🤘

    King-Kore StudioKing-Kore Studio28 дней назад
  • The interesting part starts at 2:52

    Nicolas Alexander OttoNicolas Alexander Otto28 дней назад
  • right hand kings

    Ivan MarchoskyIvan Marchosky28 дней назад
  • Exlnt.

    rarerare28 дней назад
  • I thought I saw Stevie T at 2:36

    The Last Day Breathing In Eternal SnowThe Last Day Breathing In Eternal Snow28 дней назад
  • That solo is such a flex on Polyphia-esque music .. then to return to a solid BOO sounding solo. Incredible stuff.

    Big WhoopsBig Whoops28 дней назад
  • very nice.

    Justin FraleyJustin Fraley28 дней назад
  • If you didn't have enough proof that they don't need Richardson, here's some more.

    MikeMike28 дней назад
    • Lol, both of this guys can't even play one of jason solo album songs 🤣

      Charles ChadCharles Chad28 дней назад
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒🚒🚒

    basedjpowellbasedjpowell28 дней назад
  • There's too many epic moments in this song to timestamp \m/

    Jason MurilloJason Murillo28 дней назад
  • It grooves it moves boys

    IIIFrenchyIIIIIIFrenchyIII28 дней назад
  • Wait who’s the new guy? He looks so familiar

    Joe ScanzilloJoe Scanzillo28 дней назад
  • Guys this song is a fucking masterpiece!

    M CostaM Costa28 дней назад
  • I think Lee is my guitar hero. The new dude is sick af too! But Lee is Dada. 🧙🏻‍♂️👶

  • good sumerian. keep these bands. not those shitty ones you signed

    JerjerbynxJerjerbynx28 дней назад
  • Holy fuckyeah! :)

    Dániel SzoboszlaiDániel Szoboszlai28 дней назад
  • Why is this video being a pain in the ass and not playing? Only this video, nothing else is having problems.

    WoeIsLeeWoeIsLee28 дней назад
  • Love this song, love these guys, and love the band, but this is just a video shot to studio produced recordings, right? It sounds so good. Too good.

    ImOnUToobImOnUToob28 дней назад
  • Sounds as epic as Lee's beard looks.

    Christopher Har VChristopher Har V28 дней назад
  • 3:27 "So put your weight on top of it!!!!!!"

    Caine CoxCaine Cox28 дней назад
  • that was sickkkk

    TopekomzZTopekomzZ28 дней назад
  • So nasty. Crunchy. Groovy. Talk to meeeeeeee

    smitty's _03SVTsmitty's _03SVT28 дней назад
  • I get a Renaissance era Polyphia from the solos.

    David CastroDavid Castro28 дней назад
    • Facts

      Kevin SutterKevin Sutter16 дней назад
  • they played this at the strip club last night

    Jay WolfJay Wolf28 дней назад
  • I've been loving this song the past couple of weeks. I had been hoping that the release of this single would tempt LiamENGL into coming back, but nothing from him yet. Maybe when the full album is out!

    EincrouEincrou28 дней назад
    • @John Doe LiamENGL

      EincrouEincrou24 дня назад
    • Who?

      John DoeJohn Doe26 дней назад
  • Fou le son! 🤟

    Sentinel NobisSentinel Nobis28 дней назад
  • I'm wondering if those solos were inspired by polyphia 🤔🤔🤔

    Kei OikawaKei Oikawa28 дней назад
    • I'm not sure where this new style came from. Intervals and Polyphia seem to be the first but maybe someone did it before them.

      Lorcan WardLorcan Ward24 дня назад
    • Sounds a lot more like Intervals to me.

      Derrick ManleyDerrick Manley25 дней назад
  • Perfection!! Especially that solo

    4Tune4Tune28 дней назад
  • I love seeing BOO getting more technical again. I'm sure the new guy will bring so much good stuff in the new album

    PolarityPolarity28 дней назад
  • Those solos in a major Key cooking out of a breakdown in a minor key sounds so good.

    voxextremos22voxextremos2228 дней назад
  • 🔥

    Juan HolguinJuan Holguin28 дней назад
  • Watching Lee nodding with his eyes closed is kind of relaxing.

    Jean-sébastien MassonJean-sébastien Masson28 дней назад
    • It's so amazing he just makes it look so effortless! One of my favorite players for sure!

      Sterling GloverSterling Glover18 дней назад
  • This song had me finally dusting off my guitar a few weeks back! Been covering the shit out of this one, and Angel or Alien too. Loving the classic Drop C too! Had to drop everything I was doing to watch this!

    James WallJames Wall28 дней назад
  • Dang that's wicked! More please!

    barnesj0007barnesj000728 дней назад
  • Hmmm, I wonder who inspired that guitar solo? 🤔 🤔

    MoMo28 дней назад
    • h e h e 🤫

      olofsanolofsan28 дней назад
  • Nick is the man!

    JordanJordan28 дней назад
  • There guitar styles remind me alot of sikth In parts

    captain hodgecaptain hodge28 дней назад
  • Love it!🤘🏾🤘🏾

    ChéBJJChéBJJ28 дней назад
  • That intro... is it a hint about a feat. with Dreamshade?

    Alex LostyAlex Losty28 дней назад
    • Good question

      Jose ZavalaJose Zavala28 дней назад
  • A M A Z I N G ! I love that guitar solo. I dream of it 🖤

    CarlosRgzCarlosRgz28 дней назад
  • Try not to headbang... 2:34 Failed

    Aleš KalinaAleš Kalina28 дней назад
  • primera vez que escucho la música y me gusto

    Martha Rosario Ávila TejasMartha Rosario Ávila Tejas28 дней назад
  • Beautiful! Please do Angel or Alien next!

    Greg AdamsGreg Adams28 дней назад
  • Why do Nick Rossi's parts all seem sped up?

    5hahv1r15hahv1r128 дней назад