THE FLUX - Careful What You Wish For (Paradise City Music Video)

Song by Bad Omens

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Only in madness do you find beautiful death
And only in sadness do you feel happy instead
Be careful what you wish for because you don’t know
The guilt I carried this far all on my own
It’s nothing you want to feel
So let it go

Don’t wait for the dust to settle
Don’t wait till it’s not enough
Don’t wait for the world to let go of the both of us
Don’t wait for the dust to settle
Don’t wait till you’ve had enough
Don’t wait for the world to let go or to give you up

The silence is one thing that I’ll remember you said
Well it’s better than nothing when nothing’s all that you left

Be careful what you wish for because you don’t know
The guilt I carried this far wasn’t my own
It’s nothing you want to feel
So let it go

If you need a place to hang your head a shoulder’s better than a knot
You’d be a better memory alive rather than not
If you need a place to hang your head a shoulder’s better than a knot
You’d be a better memory if no one else forgot
So let it go

I’m not giving up
So don’t you give up
I’m not giving up
So don’t you give up






  • Cameron did such a good job you’d think he was actually singing if you didn’t know about Noah and Bad omens. What shocked me watching this the second time around was Pauly he was wearing the flux tee and you could see the sparkle in his eyes he loves the music he appreciated the performance and wants to go back to making music for the love not the paycheck he’s definitely a guy who needs more screen timeCameron did such a good job you’d think he was actually singing if you didn’t know about Noah and Bad omens. What shocked me watching this the second time around was Pauly he was wearing the flux tee and you could see the sparkle in his eyes he loves the music he appreciated the performance and wants to go back to making music for the love not the paycheck he’s definitely a guy who needs more screen time

    Chey WinchesterChey WinchesterДень назад

    Daily Military NewsDaily Military News2 дня назад
  • Even though his death is tragic and absolutely heart wrenching I'm so glad that he was living his best life before he passed. Rest in love, Cameron 🤍

    Annika CherryAnnika Cherry4 дня назад

    NathyNathy7 дней назад
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    NathyNathy7 дней назад

      NathyNathy7 дней назад
  • So, I know the idea of re-casting the role of Simon SUCKS...but can I be the first to toss out the name of Iann Diorr to take over the role? He has a VERY similar look, performs the exact style of music, and has all of the same charisma that Cameron displayed...

    KarmaggedonKarmaggedon8 дней назад
  • Rip beautiful angle Cameron Boyce

    Tay BrownTay Brown12 дней назад
  • Why are they making all the band singers lip sync. Cameron's real voice is seen in descendants and he sounds amazing.

    Brii WinchesterBrii Winchester14 дней назад
    • @No Good Chuck right!! And lily's is voiced over by Lzzy Hale.

      Brii WinchesterBrii Winchester8 дней назад
    • I never understood that either. Like the lead singer of black Vail brides was voiced over lol

      No Good ChuckNo Good Chuck8 дней назад
  • Idgaf, anyone they recast as Cameron’s character is never gonna measure up and it’s not gonna be the same at all.

    K CrisK Cris15 дней назад
  • 🇧🇷🖤

    Leticia FelicianoLeticia Feliciano17 дней назад
  • Cameron Boyce no está muerto andaba de parranda, 😍

    Jesús martinezJesús martinez20 дней назад
  • With VOC lamb of God Oh my god

  • Rip Cameron

    Jay The BatJay The Bat21 день назад
  • even though its a cover still love it and Cameron Boyce did an amazing job with his character. RIP dude such a freak thing to happen and I still cant wait until season 2 of paradise city also to how they explain his absence.

    skaty825skaty82521 день назад
  • Крутяяяяк😈🤘

    Вадим ЛебедевВадим Лебедев22 дня назад
  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Robin DeLuciaRobin DeLucia23 дня назад
  • Hello its a mexico city i love rock and roll

    Andrés bikerAndrés biker25 дней назад
  • I had this song in my playlist for awhile now. Good to see the music video. Certainly a gem.

    Manny ShaikhManny Shaikh27 дней назад
  • Buuuuu 😒

    Maria LeguizamonMaria Leguizamon28 дней назад
  • fuck, Im really missing Cameron

    Mar MuñizMar Muñiz29 дней назад
  • That was impressive. 👌🏼

    Hezekiah RodriguezHezekiah RodriguezМесяц назад
  • Ну такое. У меня этот голос ассоциируется только с Ноа, тут вы что-то хуйню сморозили господа

    Степан СоколовскийСтепан СоколовскийМесяц назад
  • RIP

    KoutaKoutaМесяц назад
  • Season 2 Simon should be played by Remington I think he could pull it off!!!

    Debby ShannonDebby ShannonМесяц назад
  • Is it Danny Worsnop's voice?

    christinechristineМесяц назад
    • @Dave Shawn Ah I see. Thank you

      christinechristineМесяц назад
    • It's Noah Sebastian's voice the singer of Bad Omens. This is also Bad Omens' song

      Dave ShawnDave ShawnМесяц назад
  • I wish this song was on Spotify

    Ally KattAlly KattМесяц назад
    • Search: Bad omens-Careful what you wish. Is this song

      MaiBfbMaiBfbМесяц назад
  • I swear this makes me want to watch paradise city even more. But my self be broke af. Welp. This might have been my brain telling me to get my aSS in gear and save money. Cuz ik damn well I will not ask my fiance. Hell no. I feel bad already. Oh well hAve a wonderful day evryone

    legends lost13legends lost13Месяц назад
  • If you pay attention in the final episode of Paradise City S1 he has a patch on his jacket of a coffin that has the word: Occupied. That final scene was a masterpiece as much as it was haunting/disturbing.

    Teaz QTTeaz QTМесяц назад
    • ‘’I’m in the jungle but I’m not gonna die I’m gonna live’’ It was haunting hearing him say that.

      AlexAlex25 дней назад
  • Bad Omens + Bring me the horizon

    Money HomeMoney HomeМесяц назад
  • 🤣🤣 "Ronald McDonald, meet me by my bus bitch, the ef outta here"

    Jimmy GrimmJimmy GrimmМесяц назад
  • @paradisecity #cameronboyceimissyou

    Elizabeth GottliebElizabeth GottliebМесяц назад
  • fuck?

    Aoneko UjinomoAoneko UjinomoМесяц назад
  • WOW Que Grande....????

    jose armando mercado sanchezjose armando mercado sanchezМесяц назад
  • Identyko

    Maja kowalska KowalskaMaja kowalska KowalskaМесяц назад
  • I seriously wish they would just bring in a new character and not recast Cameron. I know how hard that would be with the present storyline happening but my god seeing Cameron recast is going to be pitiful. (I hate when any show or movie does a recasting in general. It's always stupid IMO.)

    Travis SnyderTravis SnyderМесяц назад
    • I completely agree, it is such a shame whenever any kind of media does this.

      Black Obsidian JoBlack Obsidian Jo6 дней назад
  • I wonder what they’re gonna do with Cameron’s character for season 2. Would’ve loved to see more. RIP Cameron ♥️

    DesDesМесяц назад
  • Ik cameron sang but does anybody know if that’s his real voice

    Callie Fullam FullamCallie Fullam FullamМесяц назад
    • Nah, its Bad Omens vocalist Noah Sebastian.

      Aoneko UjinomoAoneko UjinomoМесяц назад
  • I love you Cameron Boyce

    danah Oudadanah OudaМесяц назад
  • man cameron was a good actor and rocker. too young man

    tyler watsontyler watsonМесяц назад
  • Oh yeah ! Randy of LAMB OF GOD !

    Arthur ToribioArthur ToribioМесяц назад
  • Awesome 😎🤘

    PeachPeachМесяц назад
  • Where is Noah? xD

    Killer Instinct SNESKiller Instinct SNESМесяц назад
  • Rest in. Peace. Cameron Boyce. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋✝️

    Kimball ChristensenKimball ChristensenМесяц назад
  • "The silence is one thing that I'll remember you said. Well, it's better than nothing when nothing's all that you left" RIP Cameron Boyce.

    Basil HallwardBasil HallwardМесяц назад
  • I love u Cameron rip love 😘😍😭💞😭😭😊

    Marie they areca bad ass people MoustaphaMarie they areca bad ass people MoustaphaМесяц назад
  • 🤘🏻

    Eweezy DeesyEweezy DeesyМесяц назад
  • Oh wtf, movie of my life, cool brother))

    rim tottrim tottМесяц назад
  • "We're not giving up so don't you give up" I love it ik it wasn't Cameron Boyce singing but that part but I felt it R.I.P. man 😭😭😭

    Ruben FuentesRuben FuentesМесяц назад
  • I wanna see the full video of "never know" now 👇🔑... If that happens and if they don't recast his character, which I say is very respectful because his character was perfect and it made me cry putting another Simon wouldn't be the same and wouldn't be right.

    Ruben FuentesRuben FuentesМесяц назад

    Sadie GraceSadie GraceМесяц назад
  • I didnt know Cameron passed away RIP holy shit he looked like he was so young

    Lil ComedownLil ComedownМесяц назад
    • he died 2 years ago

      WavyAntWavyAntМесяц назад
    • He was, sadly he had epilepsy

      Lindsay LawtonLindsay LawtonМесяц назад
  • Bad Omens 4ever.

    Richárd PuskásRichárd PuskásМесяц назад
  • We miss u man REST IN PARADISE CITY Cameron

    Bran RxBran RxМесяц назад
  • cameron made me feel so many things

    Shannan WearyShannan WearyМесяц назад
  • Bad omens jajajaja no canción y los que la "toca" esta años luz de diferencia....Ascoooooo

    Ivan BAKURA RodríguezIvan BAKURA RodríguezМесяц назад
  • Oh I clicked because I thought it was Timfy James' flux... banger either way.

    lewis brookshawlewis brookshawМесяц назад
  • I recognize the voice of Noah from many

    Эвелина ПоддубнаяЭвелина ПоддубнаяМесяц назад
  • Essa série vai fica incrível de mais

    jonas pereirajonas pereiraМесяц назад
  • Лучше бы Ноя сняли как он поёт, а не вот это, который тупо кривляется, это полное дерьмо и сериал тоже. Просто угражают над треком.

    Kanibal KingKanibal KingМесяц назад
  • Zupełnie jakby to śpiewał Noah Sebastian czyli Bad Omens

    Maja kowalska KowalskaMaja kowalska KowalskaМесяц назад
  • Kid has no idea what he is doing, this is beyond shit

    PsyhoPandaPsyhoPandaМесяц назад
  • me scrolling past the comments about cameron to find the fucking lyrics : 👁👄👁

    Nyles PierreNyles PierreМесяц назад
  • and 🎼🎶 nothing last forever 🎼🎶when ??

    Giovanni CruiseGiovanni CruiseМесяц назад
  • The show must go on🔥🤟🏼

    lean logiclean logicМесяц назад
  • im so cunfused what

    Gib6erishGib6erishМесяц назад
  • The song is good in general but like I feel like Cameron makes it better 😍🤘🏻

    Brianna CBrianna CМесяц назад
  • Why don’t they let them actually singing I don’t get it rip cam

    tokio hotelfan2005tokio hotelfan2005Месяц назад
  • Mi parte favorita de la serie I love the song

    Danny CreewDanny CreewМесяц назад
  • Bad Omens 🇧🇷❤️❤️🥰

    愛するRIN ᥫᩣ愛するRIN ᥫᩣМесяц назад
  • Rest in peace Cameron nice work in this serie.

    Moisés GarcíaMoisés GarcíaМесяц назад
  • I can't even hear Cameron's voice, all heavy metal rock musicians literally sound exactly the same too me. I was hoping he could sing without just screaming 😭

    MegRebMegRebМесяц назад
    • He is not signing, the front man of bad omens is signing, this song is original from them, same with andy, the signing voice is from remington from palaye royal, of course both Cameron and andy are great singers

      nami18nami18Месяц назад
  • кто заметил камеру в толпе?)

    Someone SomewhereSomeone SomewhereМесяц назад
  • A gifted vacation with a Stuffed Pork. 😎👍

    Jason Daniel Gée IIIJason Daniel Gée IIIМесяц назад
  • I knew it was Noah as soon as it started, threw me off seeing someone else

    Kenneth AtkinsKenneth AtkinsМесяц назад
  • Cam bodied this role! Wish we could have more.

    Cody HollowayCody HollowayМесяц назад
  • r.ip.... i wish this song was more popular its a belter,,, gives me linkin park and bring me the horizon vibes.. bmth should adopt this song :P

    liam shillingliam shillingМесяц назад

    Kevin Andrés Ramos GómezKevin Andrés Ramos GómezМесяц назад
  • I'm confused here, who's voice is singing here, is it Noah's or Cameron's, because Cameron is singing here but is he singing Careful What You Wish For or is Cameron singing a different song but the video has Careful What You Wish For dubbed over it?

    LDVGFXLDVGFXМесяц назад
    • Cameron is lip syncing to Noah’s voice on the original recording of the song.

      Brenda ZalegowskiBrenda ZalegowskiМесяц назад
  • Does anyone know if there is a final song for The relentless on youtube?

    DemonyashkaDemonyashkaМесяц назад
  • Man this was a awesome role was a side I never saw before that sucks he's gone...RIP cameron boyce!

    19-ZeldaMan-8619-ZeldaMan-86Месяц назад
  • One of my fave songs from paradise city ❤️🔥

    Chloe TalishaChloe TalishaМесяц назад
  • Bring me the horizon vibe ??

    Gordon HagenGordon HagenМесяц назад

    Selene BlackSelene BlackМесяц назад

    Selene BlackSelene BlackМесяц назад

    Selene BlackSelene BlackМесяц назад

    Selene BlackSelene BlackМесяц назад
  • Omg this song hits different when Cameron lip-sync it 😢 RIP CAM!

    Elrima VivyElrima VivyМесяц назад
    • Do you know who really sings behind Cameron’s voice ,I’ve been looking but idk who it is 😭

      Vaxxti L.Vaxxti L.День назад
  • Sí es que existe una segunda temporada extrañaré a Cameron, me gustó su personaje:(

    DxvilschoirDxvilschoirМесяц назад
    • Dejo escenas hechas porque grabó más

      Daniel SuiideDaniel SuiideМесяц назад
  • Is that Randy fucking Blythe?

    Parazetamol666Parazetamol666Месяц назад
  • Holy shit they’re playing in an elks lodge Ik it’s a show and all but damn they never let these kind of events take place in my hometown

    wolf2966wolf2966Месяц назад
  • this is weird

    Jake AdkinsJake AdkinsМесяц назад
  • I was hooping they would put this seen and the song I looooove it

    Jimena GardunoJimena GardunoМесяц назад
  • Goodbye, Cameron! You did an amazing job as an actor and you are truly missed... Rock on hardcore style at the big metal festival on the other side. 🤘🤘😢🖤

    Lia FarcasLia FarcasМесяц назад
  • imagine if it was an official cover from Cameron's voice.😢i miss that dude so much, rip.

    latezlatezМесяц назад
  • I knew it I've heard that song somewhere! Bad omens ♥️♥️♥️

    CreepyPanda On The LooseCreepyPanda On The LooseМесяц назад
  • Bad omens!!!

    Yuri NechaevYuri NechaevМесяц назад
  • видеть как Кемерон поет голосом Ноя вызывает бОльший диссонанс, нежели смотреть на Энди с голосом Рэма

    hell. galhell. galМесяц назад
  • Bad omens are one of my favorite bands, so cool hearing their song

    OOМесяц назад
  • wtf

    Эдуард СвиридовЭдуард СвиридовМесяц назад
  • This is the trailer of an horror film? I ask because there is the ghost of Cameron

    mercadethmercadethМесяц назад